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E-Procurement Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Bulwark e-Procurement Suite is an online solution to conduct all stages of a procurement process, including tendering and auctioning. Bulwark e-Procurement Suite converts tedious procurement process into an economical, transparent and more secure system. Today, many Government organizations and public sector units have adopted Bulwark System e-Procurement Suite, understanding the valuable benefits and advantages of this e-Procurement system. The product and service helps you to:

  • Planning, market analysis, intimation to vendors interested in bidding to the tender
  • Vendor registration, Tender bidding to documents and closing the tender
  • Bid evaluation and grant award of tender
  • PR Creation, Finance approval, technical / price comparison and awarding tender
  • Use of Auction methodology to tendering
  • The product integrates with your existing ERP for a seamless solution amongst other value additions.
    • Contact us on for our consultant will understand your procurement strategies and suggest best practices with our product.
      Tender creation & publishing Vendor Registration and Vendor Management Tender / Bid Management

Vendor On Boarding
  • Streamline and de-paper your approval and creation process
  • Enforce all your necessary rules in both workflow and forms
  • Include necessary attachments based on vendor type
  • Supports all standard workflow features of email notification, delegation, watcher and more
  • Complex forms with fields and sections that change based on user or vendor type
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  • Manage suppliers’ bids online
  • Automate the eTendering process
  • Gain full audit trail and process intelligence
  • Reduce costs and run sustainable, environmentally responsible tenders
  • Reduce time-to-procure
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Contract Management
  • Accelerate contract negotiation, authoring and approval processes
  • Minimize legal rise exposure and capture benefits by standardizing contract language and version control
  • Customizable role-based views into contract data and docutments
  • Powerful contract search - by keyword, category, supplier, contract number and line item.
  • Secure, centralised contract repository with folder based access.
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Item Code Creation (UNSPC)
  • Item code will be generated only for those items which are recurring in use
  • If item requires inventory then this would go for Logistics Director Approval. Logistics Director will approve it after verification
  • User Department Head will approve it after scrutiny
  • Once user department head approves, it comes to procurement department Buyer screen
  • Buyer will then input and edit the required details in the form and submit for approval
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Spend analysis
  • You often have no visibility into your business spend
  • Spend data may be inaccurately classified
  • The maverick spending may increase
  • Your organization may suffer on account of cost savings erosion
  • which suppliers can help you achieve diversity and sustainability
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Vendor Relationship management
  • Centralized Vendor and Data Management
  • Manage Vendor and Third Party Risk
  • Dynamic Workflow and Self Service Portal
  • Easy to Use Dashboard Interface
  • Comprehensive Reporting
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  • Better prices with real time dissemination of information
  • Increased market transparency
  • Increased buying/selling reach
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Better managed processes with automation
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